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Susan Salvo Founder and CEO, Revenue Generators LLC
Susan Salvo Founder and President, Revenue Generators LLC

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We offer one-to-one Cold Call Coaching via telephone. Learn how to take the FEAR out of cold calling and set quality meetings with your prospects. Once you understand the psychology of the sales introduction, master proven techniques, and harness the power of your emotions, your greatest fears in selling can become your greatest assets. We help you become a lead generation champion — the foundation of sales success!!!

Susan Salvo, Founder and President has over twenty years' experience in coldcalling and B2B appointment setting. Susan has set meetings in the following industries: technology, medical, software, finance, training and many more!

During our six-week sales coaching course, we will help you to learn the skills needed to set meetings with senior level executives: your prospects. Ever wonder what it takes to talk to the CEO at a Fortune 500 company or a business owner? What works? What doesn't?

"I've spent many years in the telesales industry and Susan's the best
there is!"— John Beidler, Practice Administrator, Avon Medical Group

  • How to overcome the FEAR of picking up the phone to make cold calls. If unchecked "fear is the enemy" to a sales professional. Learn how to use the power of emotion to work for you, not against you.
  • How to become more confident when speaking to a senior level decision maker by offering genuine value from the first moment on!
  • How to close the most important sale of all - setting the first meeting!
  • How to become your own sales coach - analyzing your results and continuously improving them!

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