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Today, many of the most important sales are multi-staged 'relationship' sales. Have you ever made a great presentation to a prospect who was truly interested in your product or service only to find, 3-6 months later, you've not closed the sale - and have no idea why?

Revenue Generators has developed a time-proven system for post-presentation follow-up called Sales Rescue. The mission is to determine the often multiple, complex reasons why the sale has not been closed. Very often, we complete a Sales Rescue and bring back to life the opportunity that seemed to have been lost.

The Sales Rescue plan begins with us contacting your prospect, gaining a full understanding of the objections, and determining what it will take for you to complete the sale. We do not attend meetings with prospects or make presentations as part of the sales rescue; we are strictly 'in the background.' As a result, we are not viewed by the prospect as 'a sales person'.

Prospects regard us as independent consultants who are searching for answers regarding the information the presenter offered during thesales process. As a result, they are unusually forthcoming with information about their impressions (and misconceptions) and what actions or information will be needed to close the sale.

"I may have eventually closed the sale, but the Sales Rescue program developed by Revenue Generators shortened the sales cycle and actually helped me close 7 deals!" — Scott Griswold, Founder and CEO, Walden Associates, West Hartford, CT

If you have just one sale that has not closed as you thought it would, this is your chance to see Sales Rescue in action. We promise that what you’ll gain from this landmark program will be well worth your time and effort.

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